Group Partner

Group Partner is a Brooklyn based ceramic studio created in 2012 by "neo-hippy" Isaac Nichols and "radical feminist" Steph Smith. Neither of whom are "business types". The "company" started as a means for Isaac to "blow steam" following his "long day at the office" as a "ponytail contractor". A Cooper Union graduate, Isaac Nichols is a woodworker turned ceramist. The Brooklyn-based artist only started to dabble in pottery when he realized that his growing collection of cacti was in need of non-traditional non-terra cotta pots. Following the internets embrace of his "girl" and "face" pots Isaac struggled alone. In 2015 Isaac crossed paths with "radical Feminist" Steph Smith akaHaHaShutUp, a recent recipient of the extremely marketable and respected Feminist Theory Degree from Evergreen University, which she had industriously applied to her job as a "dog walker". The two have worked together side by side since then in early 2015, "righting the wrongs of humanity", one pot at a time.




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