Camellia Tea Rouge Tea Bag - Myth & Symbol - 2
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Camellia Tea Rouge Tea Bag

Hibiscus + Mint + Ginger 

Rouge was a blend that took some a bit more testing to get the tartness and zing just right.  Rouge is made from Hibiscus, Peppermint, and Ginger.  The hibiscus is made from the petals of the flower and is from Egypt.  This is the flower you see traditionally worn by Tahitian and Hawaiian girls behind the ear.   The Peppermint and Ginger are added in to make a perfectly tart and refreshing cup of tea.

The Synergistic properties of this herbal tea blend is known to offer greater benefits than the sum of it's parts (1+1=3). 

Peppermint is used for anxiety and stress relief.  Also known to be a natural appetite depressant and remedy for stomach aches. 

Hibiscus is used to help lower blood pressure and control cholesterol. 

Ginger has anti inflammatory properties.

CAMELLIA TEA is a small and independent business that offers unique and simple premium loose leaf tea blends for the mind and body.  All Camellia Teas are made with organic whole loose tea leaves and all natural ingredients, sourced from USDA organic certified tea vendors. They are hand blended and packaged locally in Houston, Texas.

  • 2oz
  • 20-25 servings
  • Loose leaf herbal tea
  • Caffeine free
  • Ingredients: hibiscus, mint & ginger
  • Hand blended in Houston

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