Camellia Tea Lavender Sky Tea Bag - Myth & Symbol - 2
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Camellia Tea Lavender Sky Tea Bag

Earl Grey Black Tea + Lavender + Orange Peel

Lavender Sky is made from Indian Black tea leaves, scented with Citrus Bergamot.  Citrus bergamot is grown in southern France for the essential oil.  The fruit tree, Citrus bergamia is a small tree that blossoms during the winter.  The juice of the fruit tastes less sour than lemon and more bitter than grapefruit.  The essential oil is most commonly known for its aromatherapeutic properties.

Black tea leaves come from the Camellia Sinensis tea plant which are known to be rich in polyphenols, a type of anti oxidant. These are essential for health, wellness, and immunity.

Lavender is known to have therapeutic properties such as relieving anxiety and restlessness. The lavender petals are from Egypt. Lavender is popular for aromatherapy as well.  It is used to soothe and relax before bedtime or during a hot bath.  

Orange peel is a great source for Vitamin C and B1. The orange peel is from the USA.  This blend is simply divine. 

CAMELLIA TEA is a small and independent business that offers unique and simple premium loose leaf tea blends for the mind and body.  All Camellia Teas are made with organic whole loose tea leaves and all natural ingredients, sourced from USDA organic certified tea vendors. They are hand blended and packaged locally in Houston, Texas.

  • 2oz
  • 20-25 serves
  • Loose leaf black tea
  • Ingredients: Indian black tea, bergamot, lavender & orange peel
  • Hand blended in Houston

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