Datter Watchful Silver Eye Ring - Myth & Symbol - 2
Datter Watchful Silver Eye Ring - Myth & Symbol - 3
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Datter Watchful Silver Eye Ring

From the designer: A dainty silver eye to look out for you. Sits flat on the top of your finger, with round silver band. Eye is just under 3/4 an inch across. Cast from my original hand carved wax, this piece will be produced to order and finished by hand in my studio.

DATTER INDUSTRIES began in NYC in 2010 as a way for illustrator, Kaye Blegvad, to create narrative jewelry. She has since relocated to London, where all her pieces start out as models, hand-carved in wax, and are then cast and finished individually. Kaye's pieces cover some of the same themes explored in her illustration work—from ritual, the occult, weaponry, animals to talismans. Datter is the Danish word for 'daughter'. "It's part 'data', part 'matter'. It's a little alchemical. At the very least, it's my project to turn drawings and ideas into jewelry," says Kaye.
  • Textured
  • Slightly adjustable 
  • Available in Brass
  • Handmade in NYC


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